Our Customer's appreciate that we build in quality to every phase of the truss process, from our complete quotes that include truss profiles and a truss placement diagram, to the custom design and assembly of the trusses. The finished products that we deliver to our customers are the very highest quality possible.

Quality Assurance begins when we receive and check the lumber from our mills. It continues with the person who selects the lumber for cutting; the person who cuts the lumber; and the assembly supervisor who reviews and inspects each truss. In addition, our full-time in-house Quality Assurance Inspector monitors each process and performs additional inspections on each truss order assembled.

We also participate in the Timber Products (TP) Third-Party Independent Inspection and Quality Assurance Program. We have monthly-unannounced inspections by a TP inspector who inspects and grades our lumber and inspects finished trusses to ensure the truss conforms to the engineering requirements.

Roof and Floor Trusses- Our lumber is cut with a state of the art computerized saw to ensure cut angle accuracy and product quality. We assemble the components on a combination of gantry and wood tables, then press the plates and stack the trusses for delivery.

Truss Design and Engineering- Our team of experienced truss designers use the latest version of Alpine Engineered Products truss design software to design our custom roof and floor trusses. We produce truss shop drawings and truss placement diagrams that are required to submit for most building permits.

Truss Connector Plates- Our truss plates are manufactured by the oldest most respected plate manufacturer in the country, Alpine Engineered Products. The plates are stamped from high quality 20-gauge steel and hot dipped galvanized with a G-60 coating to prevent corrosion.

Lumber- We start with the highest quality 100% Southern Yellow Pine. Our lumber comes from certified mills that process and cut Southern Yellow Pine to the highest standards. We only use lumber that has been grade stamped by the Mill and delivered to us covered, with a moisture content of not more than 19% to help prevent mold.

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